Anatol Knotek

anatol knotek is an austrian artist.
visual and concrete poetry, installation and conceptual art are in the center of his artistic work, which has been exhibited internationally. his concrete and visual poems have been published in journals, chapbooks, schoolbooks and anthologies.
he is a member of the “austrian art association”.

what they say about anatol (excerpt):

"we’ve seen plenty of work in typeface, but none so clever as anatol knotek’s."
— joonbug —
”(…) it is clear when poets as young as knotek produce work of this superlative quality the medium is not lacking, it is in resurgence and rather some of the very best poetry in europe is part of this tradition.
at it’s forefront sits knotek and we are pleased to present a poetic artist whose work will no doubt become a focal part of the european poetic landscape for years to come.”

— 3am magazine —
"i’m a sucker for these simple but clever wall installations. they always manage to make me crack a smile."
— my modern met —
"the overwrought cliche ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ can be applied literally to artist anatol knotek."
— the huffington post —
"seine mission ist die verbindung von wort und bild, von poesie und bildender kunst."
— kultur heute —
"anatol knotek bringt das alphabet in rotation und erzeugt dadurch galaktische buchstabenräume."
— edition ch —
"literatur, zumindest ihr maßgebliches agens, das wort, trifft auf und schmiegt sich an und in bildende kunst."
— ludwig hanssen, autor —
"young austrian artist and word wizard anatol knotek creates text portraits that allow him to fuse his love for art and poetry."
—trendhunter —
”(…)by reducing the elements of communication to the barest possible essence knotek has stripped away all of the noise between us and the message, leaving us with a brutally honest reality to face. but the most important element of knotek’s work is his ability to give us a little bit of humor that even while addressing heavy hitting themes, such as big brother, love or the nature of art, manages to create the perfect combination of lighthearted and provocative thought.”
— twelve 21 gallery —
"a thousand words - artist ‘writes’ famous portraits."
— metro newspaper —

examples of his visual and concrete poems, text-animations, drawings, paintings and objects can be viewed on his homepage.