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  1. themusicpool answered: music blogs: good art blogs. n
  2. adrienlecoquin answered: Good
  3. shadesofgreymatter answered: good
  4. jacigre answered: Context… Good if you have the time because the fluidity, given good content, can be addictive. Not so good, if you can’t turn it off.
  5. franklinpark answered: Extra good
  6. faithfulartoof answered: ITs FANtastic
  7. dhruvseth answered: Great
  8. huqtacos answered: Good
  9. neptunestreet answered: ugh i hate endless scrolling, it makes it harder to go through old posts
  10. bethasaurus answered: not so good. they crash my browser after a while.
  11. myusikah answered: preferable to blogs with pages.
  12. ganyet answered: good
  13. urfriendalex answered: Love it, it optimizes blogging interest for people visiting your page. They’re continuously scrolling not realizing the amount of content.
  14. ratapa answered: if it’s art is ok.
  15. another-case answered: good, if it’s not endless
  16. fourbitfriday answered: good
  17. la1023 answered: same as life as it endless it continues
  18. grace-eludes-me answered: don’t care because I don’t ever go to homepages, just the dash. it’s also why I never care when people ask “which theme should I use?”
  19. spoopytentacle answered: i like ones with pages cuz i can save my place and come back later
  20. fizakipassusahmati answered: It’ll be tiring, both the wrist and the eyes.
  21. florable answered: Great!
  22. lambere answered: good
  23. mksm answered: good
  24. expatinamerica answered: Excellent.
  25. referrible answered: Great
  26. kool-aid-stand answered: good!:) ps love you blog
  27. jaxmoon answered: Oh no! it has endless scrolling
  28. squiggleline answered: i like it, except when i click something accidentally an I have to start again from the beginning.
  29. 1trojan answered: not so good
  30. kaatjerenaatje answered: I like endless scrolling when it works .. Just wondering how it actually works, and if it’s indeed endless?
  31. i-have-a-blog-at answered: not so good
  32. definitionofafreak answered: depends
  33. madeinzaire answered: a terrible nuisance. especially because one can’t easily go back to a link/article/image without scrolling through everything again.
  34. borisnovak answered: let them scroll
  35. nymphetamine-allure answered: good
  36. sobrea answered: eh..
  37. synthiat answered: Not good. Always takes a while for things to load. And if you want to go back to something, it’s a hassle to remember where you last saw it.
  38. melissapicarda answered: no good. It’s longer to load and if you want to remember where you left off, there’s no page number or easy way to go back where you were.
  39. literarynerd answered: Baaaaaaaad
  40. anagramsforsparechange answered: good, i wish my theme allowed it!
  41. ithiiinkilike answered: good